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Spotlight on Hanna Fiedler

Graduate Collection / London School of Fashion 2016


I loved creating things since I can remember and started sewing and making clothes when I was still a child. To fashion as such I only came later, but even today I think my fascination lies more with garments and the craft of making them than with trend led fashion. 

I trained at the Berlin Opera Foundation as a Bespoke Tailor and later studied at London College of Fashion 

My graduate collection was inspired by tectonic plate movement. I translated its concepts into pattern construction and aimed to capture the beauty in this forceful movement of our planets crust trough textures, folds and layers.

I am currently working on expanding the range of my designs. At this point in time I don’t consider designing in collections to be the best way for me to work. I want to create timeless pieces which reflect the identity of my brand and are compatible with previous designs, so I am expanding my range piece by piece instead.

- Hanna Fielder


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